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Water Treatment Services

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Comprehensive Water Treatment Services

For complete commercial and residential water treatment services from a team with more than 30 years of experience, contact Erickson Well Water Treatment Inc. Take advantage of FREE water testing, analysis, and recommendations for well or city water. Call 320-252-1441 today!

Manufacturing, Sales, Installation, and Service

  • Iron filters
  • Distillers
  • Water softeners
  • Sand trap well filters
  • Tannin systems
  • Drinking systems
  • Potassium Sales

Name-Brand Equipment

  • SpringTime Patented Iron Eater 
  • SpringTime Patented Iron Extender
  • SpringTime automatic distillers – no filters to change!
  • SpringTimeTannin Removal System
  • Chlorination systems for water purification

Water Treatment Health Benefits

Among the many benefits of our water system, we not only handle city water but we specialize in well water. It's safe to say that we have years of experience and know what works on different and unique water supplies.

Medical professionals recommend systems like our SpringTime Water Distiller for those with high blood pressure or who require sodium-restricted diets. 

Our water treatment systems also remove arsenic and other poisons from individual drinking water sources.

Product Superiority

  • Uses much less water per minute than other iron-filtering systems
  • The SpringTime Patented Iron Eater scrubs media bed evenly
  • The SpringTime Automatic distillers are self-flushing and self-cleaning  
  • Fully automatic tannin removal system softens water 
  • Eliminates need for multiple units and chlorination systems 
  • The SpringTime Distillers automatically feed new water directly to sinks and appliances 
  • Sand traps filter out shale, sand, and small particles

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Soft Water Advantages extends the life of household products

  • Prevents calcium build up in hot water tanks, washing machines, fixtures, pipes and among other appliances
  • Save money on laundry soap/skin and hair products because you use less. Not to mention softer and healthier skin and hair.
  • Fabric on clothing  and bedding retain their color longer
  • Removes film from dishes and glassware and extends the life of your dishwasher

Our Iron Filter with the Patented Iron Eater Advantages:

  • Not only removes iron, but also sulfur, rotten egg odor, taste and smell. 
  • Saves on replacing hot water heaters / fixtures and household appliances from iron corrosion and staining 
  • Remove iron deposits from water and prevents discoloring of hair, clothing and yes, teeth
  • Better drinking, cooking, and shower water
  • Iron free clothes, will keep your clothes stain free. 
  • Less time spent cleaning off iron stains around the house.
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